Thursday, December 2, 2010

Internet Dating

  For those thousands of you who are searching day-after-day for that right match on various dating sites and not having much luck, here's a story that may or should offer encouragement and hope.
  I had been on three of those sites for three years and stayed pretty busy driving all over the Va/Nc area within about a 150 mile radius.   Mostly nice, interesting girls and mostly expensive dinners, shows and costly travel expenses.  Try that for a couple of years and when you can't come up with a serious relationship,  doubt certainly creeps in.  It took a lot of time and energy, too!
  This is the truth, I swear, for on the very last day I was on, I was sent this profile of a really cute blond from Cincinnati who was an actress and Broadway showgirl and a little younger than myself(I was 61 at the time).  I sent her an e-mail and she responded and we communicated for at least a month. Something was happening, here, folks.  It was her voice that got me...made me laugh and feel comfortable and she was always giggling...that really got me.  Miss Cutie Pie, for sure.
  Well, Cincinnati was over 500 miles away but we both agreed that our life-styles had room for travel and exploration and we'd meet up and see if the phone chemistry would combine into an in-person chemistry.  She decided to fly down to Greensboro for a visit despite the yellow lights from her sisters and friends and her own inner caution.  I thought it was bold, myself, but she said she'd missed out on a lot of opportunity by out-thinking her natural instincts.
  Well, I had a huge armful of beautiful fresh, cut flowers and was standing there like a big, nervous goof at the Delta arrival gate when I saw this unbelievably cute blond waving and waving and stretching over the top of people in front of her looking right at stiff formalities here, just hugs and kisses and immediately we both fell into step with each others lives and that has been nearly three years ago.   We have been hysterically in love with each other and two months is the longest time we've been separated.  Sometimes it's only two weeks.  I have seen her perform seven times, once with the Cincinnati Pops on the 4th of July, and that thrilling! 
  Luck, faith, destiny all rolled into one, I guess.  That we were both comfortable with a long distance romance certainly made it happen, too.  Putting mileage limits on relationships won't work for high maintenance people but it's the time apart and the anticipation of seeing each other and counting the days for that which energizes us and keeps our relationship fresh.
  Now that really happened, ladies and gents, and as the old quotation says, "It can happen to you!"  


  1. Great story! Should give people hope, if they're ready to quit. Keep the faith!

  2. I had no idea Mike but that explains the lovely blonde in your pictures. Great post and very happy for you.